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Our Story

Jane and Pierre are two engineers. They happen to be married, and they happen to care about the future.

Because they’re energy nerds, they knew that two-thirds of home energy use is for heating and hot water.

It’s a statistic a lot of people don’t know about. One of those stats that makes it pretty hard to enjoy the warmth of a gas-heated home.

So when their old gas furnace died, Jane and Pierre decided to take a crack at building a better system from the ground up - and use their own home as a test site.

Like a lot of people who care about the future, Jane and Pierre had solar panels* on their roof.  Heat pumps were an option - a lot better than gas - but they tended to make poor use of that cheap, clean energy they were generating every day.

* You don't need solar for Harvest. But it's always nice.

They wanted to time-shift that cheap, clean energy to the corners of the day, when people use heat and hot water the most. Instead of storing energy in an expensive battery, they found a better time machine: a water tank.

Ideas turned into tinkering, tinkering turned into soldering. Their architect friend Dan Johnson joined the team, and Harvest was born.

With engineering wizard Evan Green leading the charge at the workbench and at the factory, the Harvest Pod® was born. The team grew slowly but surely as it worked (and worked, and worked) to turn this simple idea – storing cheap, clean energy in a hot water tank – into a factory-assembled system that’s reliable and easy to install.

Harvest got comfier, more reliable, and flexible. Fast-forward a few years, and their smart thermal battery system is all grown up.

Harvest has won lots of awards from places that matter. It’s been cutting bills and emissions and keeping people company throughout the West Coast for years. And now, Harvest is ready to move in with you.

An elegant, elemental solution for 10% of America’s carbon problem.

That’s why we Harvest. 

Meet the harvesters

Jane Melia

CEO, Co-founder

Cambridge PhD in fluid dynamics, civil engineer, transformational business leader, mom of three, and low-key climate warrior whose EV license plate reads 350 MAXI. With 15 years of leadership at five startups, she knows her way around a boardroom as well. You can trust her to plan and irrigate your native garden – and she brews a mean cup of tea.

Pierre Delforge

Head of Product & Operations, Co-founder

After running HP’s climate practice, Pierre went in-house at the NRDC to direct their building decarbonization efforts. Now, this dad of three (the same as Jane’s) leads Harvest’s Product team. He often runs 10 miles before starting the day, but won’t tell you that unless you’re trying to write a bio about him.

Let’s get (futuristically) medieval on emissions.

Come work at Harvest and help shut down one of the world’s biggest sources of carbon pollution.


Territory Sales Manager, Northern California
December 15, 2023

Remote, SF Bay Area. Territory Sales Manager is responsible for qualifying consumer leads and recruiting/maintaining contractors in assigned territories.

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