Heat your home.
Not your home planet.

🔥 fact: ⅔ of home energy use is for heating and hot water.  

🔥🔥🔥 fact: Harvest deletes 90% of those emissions. 

Oh, and it saves 30% on energy bills.

If your gas furnace is making you uncomfortable, we’ve got just the thing for you. We call it a Smart Thermal Battery.

Get comfy with the smartest heater on Earth.

In a nutshell...

What's a smart thermal battery?


Fist bump our
heat pump.

Our hyper-efficient heat pump uses grid electricity when it’s cheapest and cleanest to pull heat from the air (even if it’s cold out).


Battery is

You’ve heard of storing energy in a AA battery. Our smart thermal battery™ stores heat in a water tank, which makes the heat pump way cheaper and cleaner.


HVAC that reads the news.

The Harvest Pod® checks the forecast, learns your routine, and optimizes energy use just for your situation. A little sci-fi, a lot comfy.


Oh, just a few.

Combo heat + hot water + storage means you’ll qualify for incentives your furnace couldn’t even dream of.

Heat pump rebates, but better.

Harvest's revolutionary HVAC and hot water system is uniquely eligible for incentives around $12,500 (sometimes even more). And that's before you start saving on monthly bills.

The future of
home heating.

The best heat pump for planet and pocketbook.

Our hyper-efficient heat pump knows what time it is. Harvest pulls energy off the grid when it's cheapest and cleanest, and stores it as hot water. You use that heat when you want it. You'll pay less, too.

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